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Fiberglass Tub Unit only $395*

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Extra for Caulking, Repairs, etc.

Preferred Reglazing is a 45 year old family owned tub refinishing and repairing business servicing customers in New Hampshire, Maine and Massachusetts. We specialize in the repairing and the refinishing of bathtubs and wall tiles, including, porcelain, steel, fiberglass and clawfoot bathtubs.

Change the look of your bathroom, in ONE day with NO mess! (Fiberglass tub units/showers), bath wall tile, cast iron and steel.

Ask Us About Same Day Use!

*Repairs and stripping extra

Reglazing Tile Is the Most Transformative Fix for a Dated Bathroom ~ All done in ONE day with Next day use !

—reglazing tile, tubs, and sinks—has crept onto our radar, a fix that requires neither the time nor cost of a gut renovation yet can be nearly as transformative.  Reglazing is also called resurfacing, refinishing, or even painting (though the last isn’t accurate). But the process is the same: A professional will come to your home and, after a deep cleaning of the bathroom in question, spray a  gleaming coat of a lead free , durable glaze across the tile, sink, tub, or all of the above—wholly transforming the room in a matter of hours. The glaze covers the grout, as well, leaving the look of grout, but removing the need to grout or clean, in between the lines.
Why pay more for removing the existing tile or tub/shower fixtures, in your bathroom?

Did you know Preferred Reglazing can Re-pair and Re-Glaze your existing Porcelain, fiberglass or steel bathtub/shower unit, in ONE DAY, in color or white?

Bath Tub Floor Repairs

Preferred Reglazing can fix your cracked and leaky, chipped or unattractive bathtub floor with the our Exclusive, Bathtub Floor Repair Inlay Kit. A cracked, leaky bathtub isn’t just unsightly – it’s a liability. Water seeps through the cracks, collecting on the floor below. The result can be structural damage and worse yet, mold. Mold can be a serious health concern. The Bathtub Floor Repair Inlay Kit is a permanent and easy solution . It takes about an hour to install. The Inlay, specifically designed to cover cracks and hide damage to the tub floor. The strong waterproof adhesive permanently binds the inlay to your tub floor. When properly installed, the inlay is better than your original tub floor. The Bathtub Floor Repair Inlay Kit will work on any bathtub including fiberglass, acrylic, porcelain, cast iron, pressed steel enamel and plastic. The inlay’s built in anti-slip texture also helps prevent serious falls in the bathtub, which according to the CDC is the biggest cause of accidental injuries in the home.

  • Tough, yet flexible thermoplastic design gives long lasting structural support to cracked and damaged bathtub floors
  • Strong, waterproof adhesive provides a permanent repair for cracked and leaking tub floors
  • Built in anti-slip feature helps prevent serious falls in the bathtub
  • Works on any type of bathtub including fiberglass, acrylic, porcelain, cast iron, pressed steel enamel and plastic

We also offer Bathtub and wall tile repair, reglazing and refinishing for steel, cast iron, porcelain and fiberglass tubs , shower and wall tiles.

Preferred Reglazing also installs handicap accessible tubs and cut always for existing tubs. Ask for details and pricing.

We also refinish wall tile eliminating the need for ongoing caulking and regrouting. All work is done in the home, in ONE day, and may be used the following day.

The Preferred Reglazing Advantage:

  • Durable, Long lasting finish
  • Full transferrable warranty
  • “When Results Matter”
  • Commercial accounts welcome!
  • The Tub Pros at Preferred Reglazing
  • Family owned and operated for over 45 years!

Our professional bathroom and bathtub technicians are highly trained in all aspects of refinishing and use the finest durable, easy to clean, state of the art refinishing products.

Why replace your existing bathtub, shower, fiberglass or bathroom tile? You can Save 75- 90% over replacement.

Preferred Reglazing is fully insured and all workmanship is covered by a full warranty.

Preferred Reglazing is the oldest, family owned and operated refinishing company in New Hampshire (NH), Maine(ME) and Massachusetts(MA).

Preferred Reglazing is the company for you!


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