Tub Cutaways

TUB CUTAWAY is a great solution for independence in the bathroom and maintaining a safe environment without breaking your budget. We convert any existing bathtub to a walk-in shower, even cast iron tubs, giving you the ability to walk into your bathtub instead of having to step over it. A shower curtain is all that is needed to keep the water in, just like a shower stall.

Best of all, it’s reversible! Just save the cut out piece and we can restore it 100% — you would never know you ever had A TUB CUTAWAY. No one else in the industry can say that.

FREE ESTIMATES, some insurance companies will pay the cost.

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Grab bars and anti slipness added to bottom of tub.

“PREFERRED REGLAZING” did a Great job doing a TUB CUTAWAY in our tubs, looks great ! Very clean, professional job. I will recommend PREFERRED REGLAZING to do TUB CUTAWAYS and Tub Reglazing!
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